• Ruckus Rockwell

All Marvel Movies: Avengers - Endgame

One Month and 10 days ago I was reverse psychologied by my co-worker Grady Welch into watching all 22 movies in the Marvel Universe. On April 8th I watched Iron Man 1 and today I watched Endgame. I've been reviewing and grading each film and here are the grades so far:

Iron Man - A

Hulk -  C-

Iron man 2 - B

Thor - C+

Captain America - B-

Avengers - A-

Iron man 3 - B-

Thor: The Dark World - C+

Captain America: Winter solider - A-

Guardians of the Galaxy - A-

Avengers: Age of Ultron - B-

Ant Man - B+

Captain America Civil War - B-

Dr. Strange - B-

Guardians Vol. 2 - B+

Homecoming - A-

THOR: Ragnarok - B+

Black Panther - A+

Avengers: Infinity War - A

Ant Man and Wasp - B+

Captain Marvel -  B

After my review of Endgame which you'll read below, I will post my top 3s and 5s of certain things!

So I'm watching all the Marvel movies in release order and here's what I thought of Avengers Endgame: From the opening scene with Renner's family to Captain America's dance with Maggie... Tears were everywhere. I could not stop crying. While it was 3 hours, I never wanted it to end. I had a feeling after Infinity War that either Captain America OR Iron Man were gonna leave us. The moment I knew it was RDJ was when Dr. Strange said to him "If I told you, it wouldn't happen." I took a deep breath and braced myself. And then I forgot about it, so when it happened it hurt fresh. It hurt good. Rudd reuniting with his daughter, now five years older... Tears everywhere. Iron Man hugging Spider-man... tears everywhere. Iron Man coming face to face with his father in the 70s... My boyfriend's tears were everywhere. My only gripe with this film was 2-fold. 1.) I wanted to see people reunite. Spider-Man and Iron Man was beautiful... but what about T'Challa and Dora, Rocket and Groot, Ant-Man and Wasp only exchange a little knowing smile? While the movie can't be 3.5 hours long... I still wanted more of that emotion, it was like chasing a high and getting blue-balled by Spider-Man and Iron Man. Then Thanos. The thing that made Thanos one of the best villains of all time was that he truly believed that what he was doing was the right thing. He even says that it wasn't personal, it was what 'had to be done' from his perspective. But when he said he was going to enjoy destroying earth, I felt like it cheapened him. It MADE him evil when you just wanted to f*cking strangle him because his 'side' was stubborn and wrong. (I'm gonna ignore the 'lets ignore how many people Hawk Eye murdered' thing... yay Family!) Iron Man sacrificing himself was beautiful, Captain America traveling back to live life with his love was beautiful. Endgame was simply beautiful. Favorite Moment: Rudd seeing Cassie. OH and Captain America fighting with himself with the whole 'i could do this all day' and 'i know...' with the roll of the eyes. so Good. Favorite line "Hail Hydra" I give this movie and A+.


1. Captain Marvel

2. Scarlet Witch

3. Vision

4. Doctor Strange


1. Iron Man

2. Ant-Man

3. Spider-Man


1. Loki

2. Vulture

3. Thanos


1. Endgame

2. Black Panther

3. Iron Man

4. Spider-Man: Home Coming

5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1

(Honorable Mention: Captain America; Winter Solider)


1. Bruce Banner


1. Ant-Man


1. Iron Man

Love you guys to 3000!