• Ruckus Rockwell

All Marvel Movies: Black Panther

So I'm watching all the Marvel Movies by Release date and Here's what I thought of BLACK PANTHER. (deep breath) Okay... Okay. From the very first scene to the very last scene, this movie has you hooked. The beginning is another classic Marvel move of "We're not who you think we are"... at every turn. Every. Single. Person. In. This. Cast. Is. Wonderful. MAYBE the weakest is the Black Panther himself Chadwick Boseman, but even still, he embodies this character across the board. I wrote a review about Lupita in US recently. She's so freakin' good. in everything and I can't take my eyes off her, she is stunning. I love the actress that plays Black Panther's little sister. Her chemistry with everyone is palpable. Andy Serkis is such a good, insolent, selfish villain. There was a really good chunk of the movie that felt like a car commercial, lol. A really good car commercial. Jordan is wonderful. you love to hate him, you root for him but don't all at the same time. Excellent antagonist. The Female General was unstoppable. Loved her character. I loved the overall themes of this movie: Power hungry vs Power logic. Rightful vs. Worthy. The comic relief in this movie felt more appropriate than other Marvel movies. I appreciated the jokes and felt that they were in line with the character/moment rather than forced down our throat as a "We're Marvel! Watch us be mix humor styles!" Favorite line: "In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers." (Cough: WALL: cough) Favorite moment - M'Baku army at the 11th hour. This movie gets my first A+.