• Ruckus Rockwell

All Marvel Movies: Captain America - Civil War

So I'm watching all the Marvel Movies by Release date and Here's what I thought of Captain America: Civil War. I love this plot with Bucky. It's so so strong. I definitely sit with Scar Jo on this fence. Yes, I understand the need for structure against vigilante chaos... but there are case by case scenarios and of course there are going to be so many times that the Avengers go outside the law. I know when this movie came out it struck topical points hard. We were in the middle of an intense election campaign and like Scar Jo many were straddling the fence of what was in our best interest. I love the introduction of Black Panther. I know we got to see a bit with Andy Serkis earlier, but this really introduced Wakanda in a big way. This whole movie lends itself to "blinded to the truth by the need to avenge death of parent" I just don't like seeing that theme more than once in the same movie. My favorite Marvel superhero has always been Spiderman, so it was fun to see his introduction into the Tony Stark Grant. But every scene just seemed like it was setting itself up for the next scene with out much of a payoff. Also, had it been established that Elizabeth Olson has trouble controlling her mystical red mind control powers? Seems like she had that sh*t nailed down through out 99% of the movie except for the beginning when the whole side of that building (including Alfre Woodard's son) was demolished. It as interesting learning that you can delay Paul Bettany but he can not be destroyed (I love the movie Wimbledon so much) Favorite Line: "So you like cats?" Favorite Moment(s): Every time Olsen saves someone's life with her mind. It's cool. I give this movie a B-.