• Ruckus Rockwell

All Marvel Movies: Captain Marvel

So I'm watching all the Marvel Movies by Release date and Here's what I thought of CAPTAIN MARVEL - Captain Badass feminist. Women are not weak, women are not too emotional, women can light up and become the most powerful Avenger of them all kicking stupid Jude Law's ass as a side project. I've always been a sucker for the "I don't remember who I am or where I came from" Anastasia plots. So I couldn't wait for the Carol discovery... and then I felt kinda gipped. Can't quite pin point when she remembered everything and I was kinda hoping for a bigger moment on that. I thought maybe with the pictures, but it wasn't quite clear. I love love Ben Mendelsohn. He's 'almost' my Sam Rockwell of this movie. It's nice to see him play a dick and then not a dick in one single movie. Reminds me of his days on Bloodline (Excellent show on Netflix, check it out.) Captain Marvel is fun with a ton of exposition, sometimes too much. It didn't want to be an origin story but then sometimes suffers from 'trying' not to be one but still having to explain the origin of things. Brie Larson is a fantastic actress and you don't even see the best of what she's capable of in this movie. And I hope you're not meant to... yet. Captain Marvel found a perfect time in our history to come out on the big screen. It's vomiting female empowerment (Much like the end credits scene i waited for only to find that I could have just watched that an hour later from my cat Craig Jr.) Favorite Line: "I have nothing to prove to you". Favorite moment: The cat showing why he's a danger for the first time. haha. I give this movie a "B".