• Ruckus Rockwell

All Marvel Movies: Doctor Strange

So I'm watching all the Marvel Movies by Release date and Here's what I thought of DR STRANGE. This movie should be called "Rachel McAdams Should Be Asking More Questions." I can 'almost' forgive Rachel being this weak, easily spooked doctor who forgives Strange's abuse every.single.time because Tilda's character is just so fierce, flawed and fantastic. So the opening of this film just kinda had me like "what?" All the buildings changing shape and collapsing on themselves with no one the wiser. Felt like a cool special effect reveal way too early and It was just way to STRANGE for me right off the bat, Was hard to get on board. It looked cool... but I was already exhausted by the potential explanations for it. Loved the plot of Strange losing his skill, going to some crazy cult Buddhist lab to find it. can we all agree that he's the most DC character in the marvel universe though? He's got Superman's cape and Wonder Woman's lasso's. The villain annoyed me, and not in a 'well done' way. I like more complicated Villains (cough: Loki :Cough). It was a fun ride for sure and quite possibly the best visual effects thus far, but the plot and characters still felt slightly unconnected and a little all over the place with repetitive motivations at times. Favorite Line: "They really should put the warnings before this spell" I give this movie a B-