• Ruckus Rockwell

All Marvel Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

So I'm watching all the Marvel Movies by Release date and Here's what I thought of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol.2 : Again the music is just so much fun, sets such a great tone for this film. These films. The opening sequence was so fun. That freakin' whistling arrow weapon is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Baby Groot is the freakin' cutest thing I've ever seen and The young CGI on Kurt Russell is one of the more impressive things i've ever seen. That technology is so cool. This one, as opposed to the first one, seemed a tad more forced (which is a trap for sequels in general) and it didn't grab my emotions as much. Yes, yes. the "i'm your real daddy" thing was touching. For sure. But like... let's ignore the YEARS of mental, verbal and physical abuse this guy put upon Peter because he sacrifices himself at the end. Okay cool. The Kurt Russell stuff was definitely predictable. The "too good to be true'' factor. Nebula was slightly less annoying in this one. There were quite a few times where I was tickled or smiling wide and was accompanied with "That's so stupid". The Guardian movies are easy to love. This one being no exception, but I did like the first one better. It hooked me more. Favorite line: "Not a single person has tape?" Favorite moment: The whistling death arrow just killing Everyone on that ship. I give this movie a B+.