• Ruckus Rockwell

All Marvel Movies: Iron Man 2

So I'm watching all the Marvel Movies by Release date and Here's what I thought of IRON MAN 2 - Right off the bat I found Tony Stark less likable in this one. And by the end of it, i agreed. Iron Man 2 is cockier, Shinier and Stark becomes almost an equal threat to himself as Ivan does. I felt there was some time wasted in this one. I get that we need to see Stark hit 'bottom' so that the climb out is oh so satisfying... but harboring on it really Grinds My Gears. Him stepping into the case at the race track was bad ass. There's' no getting around it. I just went "okay. yeah." in the most satisfied way you can say those two words together. Also... Sam Rockwell is what Leonardo DiCaprio was to me in 1996. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, so any scene he's in - my smile stretches from ear to ear (And I completely forgot he was in this one! It was a nice surprise.) Favorite Line(s) - "Don't say wind farm, I'm already feeling gassy" and "Try to put your head in there, just try to put your head in there. See Ivan, he can't put his head in there." I give this one a B. (Might have been a B minus if it weren't for Rockwell) **Updated comment - There was a snag in watching it in 'release order' - at the end of Hulk, Stark shows up to say "Hey... join our shit, we're starting the Avengers" (Non accurate quote) but in Iron Man 2, which was released after Hulk, he tells Sammy L J. that he's "not interested in joining his boy band"... so that was a little confusing time-wise.