• Ruckus Rockwell

All Marvel Movies: Iron Man 3

So I'm watching all the Marvel Movies by Release date and Here's what I thought of Iron Man 3 - The movie I like to call "They're not who you think they are. Every. Single. person." (bear with me on this cause the plot holes or stuff that confused me were literally my favorite part and I mean that I laughed a lot and over all enjoyed it just fine.) Stuff I didn't get: Where the hell are the Avengers when you need them? The President's life is threatened and Stark almost dies quite a few times? Where did the robot army come from to save the day? Jarvis said they were buried under the house... the house that was destroyed. And how'd they get out? Why didn't they get out sooner? Potts is psyched when the suits blow themselves up at the end like fireworks... but dude is Ironman... you don't think he's gonna make more shit? And i thought the first two movies made it clear that he would die with out that shrapnel. That no surgery could save him. The whole 'ex girlfriend' plot felt like a missed opportunity. The only purpose she served was to be a twist. She's not who we thought she was. Oh... last thing... The news crews are ALL on Tony's house after he recklessly and idiotically gives out his home address... NO ONE SAW HIM SHOOT UP FROM THE WATER???? NO ONE? No Army radar/satellite found him as he traveled to Tennessee? I get it... I know we're supposed to suspend our disbelief, I just felt like I was doing it a lot. Things I liked: I love that they brought Iron Man back to his roots, making stuff from creative materials. I loved the pace of this movie a lot. Loved the relationship between him and look-alike young Elijah wood from Forever Young. Love that Tony doesn't talk to him like a kid. Their back and forth was great. Guy Pierce was solid> he always is. LOVED Ben Kingsley and still couldn't decide if i found his 'i'm not who you think I am" funny or stupid. I'm gonna go with funny cause I really like Ben Kingsley. Favorite Line "Oh my God. That was really violent." - Pepper and favorite moment: "Honestly, I hate working here they are so weird. " I give this movie a B-. ❤️