• Ruckus Rockwell

All Marvel Movies: The Avengers

So I'm watching all the Marvel Movies by Release date and Here's what I thought of Marvel's The Avengers. Yup. Joss Whedon. Yup. Robin Scherbatsky kickin' ass in the opening. Yup. Hawk Eye. Yup. Loki takin' everyone's hearts. Yup. That f*ckin Black Widow interrogation scene with the Russians... YUP. Captain America's kinda see-through sweats at the gym. Double Yup. The removal of Iron Man's suit was just as cool as him gettin' into the briefcase suit in 2. I loved the scenes where the movie made fun of itself. It's always been something Whedon is so good at. The Security Guard, Hulk Smashing Loki carelessly, and the post credit scene with the silent Schawarma. It's all just a big YUP. If i had to choose SOMETHING that bothered me... It would be The Hulk not following the rules of his own universe. He doesn't have the self control to spare Scarlett Johanson, but he does have the self control to follow orders and join up with the Avengers. I'm SURE I missed something there, but it irked me ever so slightly. Black widow got a lot of great attention in this movie. I am not the biggest Johanson fan, but I loved her character in this. Favorite Lines: Everything Agent Phil Coulson says to Captain America on the jet. Favorite moment - That's a tough call... There were a lot. Honorable mention to wrapping up the epic New York City battle with a Tv interview of Mr. Walsh from 90210 as the peeved Senator. I give this movie an "A-". Only because i DID enjoy the first Iron man a hair better. The origin's get me.