• Ruckus Rockwell

All Marvel Movies: Thor - Ragnarok

So I'm watching all the Marvel Movies by Release date and Here's what I thought of THOR: RAGNAROK - So definitely this is the best Thor movie. You can tell what an influence the success of the first two Guardians movies had on this one. You gotta up the stakes on the villainy... we need to ask "How in the hell are they gonna defeat this villain?" And with Cate Blanchett, we did. She was phenomenal. She's always phenomenal. The movie is fun and stylized and didn't feel too long!! Most of the jokes really landed well, some where like "ooookay..." Just took me out a little bit. Goldblum... oh man. (Side story: I met Goldblum at a theatre in New York in a crowd of people and he looked at me, stopped, commanded me towards him with a gesture of his hand and ran his fingers up and down my skin in front of everyone going 'Your freckles are incredible...' Goldblum) I liked this bad ass chick Tessa plays (Who I hated on Veronica Mars, she's grown up well) Loki pulling the same old shit... reliable. Got to see more Banner who I'm a fan of. It was touching watching him Un-Hulk at the sight and sound of black Widow. I know they were trying to connect Dr. Strange to the marvel universe even more with his appearance, but it would have been nice to see him again later. Ragnarok's a fun ride. Favorite Line: "Hey, Sparkles, here’s the deal. If you want to get back to Ass-place, Assberg…" Favorite moment: The reveal of the Hulk in the arena. I give this movie a B+.